Token split discussion

Hi, this is Enki, BoringDAO community core member. Happy to speak with all of you here on our forum.

Regarding the dynamics of the token split, some concerns have been raised in our telegram and discord channels. In light of this, I created this thread so we can gather together and discuss the opinions of our community members. So, if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, this thread is now open to discuss these in depth.


Current plan
It’s not been settled yet. We are still waiting for the audit report.
2.Split ratio:
1 BOR=10,000 BORING
3. More like DOT or YFI/Woofy?
4. Is 10,000 BORING allowed to be “unboring” back to 1 BOR?
Yes, but it is not recommended because BORING will be the new governance token.
5. How long will the split contract last:
It is a long-term contract.

6. Will the CEXs support it?
Our primary partners have been notified, and they will support automatic splitting.
7. Does the BOR on the exchanges need to be split manually?
Most CEXs will split it automatically, while all DEXs will not.
8. Does the BOR in the tunnel or DEXs need to be unstaked and split manually?
Yes. Because no one can move your BOR without your signature.
9.What happens in the Tunnel?
The tunnel contract will be re-deployed, and the mint fee will be allocated to BORING Tunnel, and the BOR rewards to the BOR tunnel will stop gradually and be re-allocated to BORING Tunnel.
10. When I claim my reward, will it be BORING or BOR?
BORING, but BOR rewards will continue for a while.


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Farm contracts (e.g. Wild Wild West) would need to be migrated too I think? As the current ones use BOR as the rewards, I imagine there will be new farms which reward BORING.

So the audit is on the way right? Safe to say by mid June? Also I’ve been watching the progress of splitting, so there is no going back to Bor?

man did u consider THIS as a ultra bullish news…?

You can switch back to BOR. See point 4.

but there is no point to switch back ,right?

but may co-exist for a little while.

code audit by CertiK

that’s a tricky point
A lot of DeFi has acceptted BOR, but some of them can not switch to BORING at the first time.
we would like to see 10000 BORING can always equals to 1 BOR.


When will Huobi make an announcement

not been settled yet

I see.
Thx for reply. Glad to see the community being more active.