BSC plan for BoringDAO

Hello dear Boring community

BSC defi ecosystem now has an active community and many interesting DeFi projects, such as Venus, Pancake, Auto, etc. BoringDAO, as a decentralized bridge for crypto assets, we also want to bring Bitcoin and Litecoin to BSC,

In order to open a new tunnel, we need financial incentives, over pledges, and fees, so we also want to manually migrate some of the BOR tokens to the BSC so that our bridge is more robust.

Therefore, we propose to migrate 20,000 BORs to BSC with 4% each (i.e. 8,000) from Minting Mining (30%), Boring Farm (30%) and 4,000 from Reserve for initial tunnel pledges (oBTC, oLTC).

Also considering the number of assets in the BSC blockchain, we adjusted the Asset Ratio for oBTC (BSC) and oLTC (BSC) tunnels to 110% and opened up Liquidity Mining, Mint Mining and Boredom Farm.

Meanwhile, we asked Ankr team who has a good reputation in Crypro Asset Custody and BSC ecology to be our multi-signature nodes.

Let’s bring decentralized Bitcoin and Litecoin to the new blockchain together!


Ethereum is a bit too expensive lately, whether it’s trading or deploying contracts. Hope that Layer 2 can improve this in the future.
Of course, BoringDAO, as an asset bridge, is very good for linking more and more islands. So, let’s do it.


Hi, everyone. This is Enki. BSC is our next big move. Please join the discussion and speak up you idea. Thanks, BoringDAO belongs to every community member.


Too little traffic, let more people know, the better, so do it, let’s do it together