A new proposal about adjusting pledge ratio of oBTC tunnel

Since a lot of new oBTC was minted in recent days, our tunnel capacity is not enough, which means no more oBTC can be minted. I would like to initiate a new proposal. What do you think about adjusting the pledge ratio from 125% to 115% to make more BTC can be minted into oBTC?

Adjusting pledge ratio can solve no problem at all!
What if more oBTC is minted shortly after adjusting? And What if BORING price go down rapidly?
Is it the way BoringDAO make things done?

agreed. the problem is not enough BORING was involved in the ecosystem. we need serious marketing to let more people engaged in Boringdao, not some CMO i’m afraid.

Also the info on Coinmarketcap never update to BROING, serious problem.

Initial a new proposal, and few BORING holders vote on snapshot(most of which are their project members), then work work work.
That’s the routine, bro.

By the way, Their CMO girl is too great to redefine the position: Everything but No marketing.

Talk about my understanding of this voting issue, voting is a necessary process. Before voting, a topic will be post here and then discuss it in Discord. Some improvements and objections have been adopted at this stage. At the same time, we have designed a weighting system. PP Token holders will have double voting rights, which means that long-term holders have more say.

Many people vote for some proposals (such as token migration), but for some proposals, everyone only participates in the discussion and forgets to vote. We hope more people will participate, but it will take time.

noted, information has been submitted to CMC.
waiting for their feedback

Reducing the pledge ratio does not solve all problems, but there seems to be no better way currently. Before that, BSC tunnel has been closed to encourage the BSC PP Token back to ETH.

You mean the whole BoringDao system design is not able to run when the minted BTC reach 17xx ?
It is funny that I remember the fact that BoringDao says “Our goal is to run for 100 years
steadily” when V2 comes out.

There are still quite large amount BOR pledged in old tunnel, anything can be done?

The old BOR tunnel still provide capacity for oBTC (cuz BOR can be always been split into BORING), so it is ok if ppl want to pledge BOR in the old tunnel. But they can not get any oBTC nor BOR rewards.

BTC tunnel is nearly full again. whats next step?