Proposal regarding BOR‘ token emission

Hey, Boring communities

We would like to propose a plan to fix BOR’ emission. Here is the proposal draft, how do you guys think about it?

This proposal seeks to: Adjust the emission rate of the BOR token so that it becomes a fixed factor. At the same time,Using the method of setting weights for each pool, just like the allocation points (AP) plan Sushiswap and Pancakeswap used, which will distribute the BOR for each pool more reasonably.

Details are below:

BOR emission rate: 100 BOR/day

Total Initial weight :120


12 for ppt_oBTC pool

6 for ppt_oLTC pool

20 for oBTC pool

10 for oLTC pool

5 for all CLASS I satellite city pools

3 for all CLASS II satellite city pools

35 for oBTC Curve pool

Total ethereum emission rate Initial weight: 91


6 for ppt-oBTC pool

3 for ppt-oLTC pool

10 for all satellite city pools

Total BSC emission rate Initial weight: 19

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The primary motivating factor for this proposal is that the previous emission plan was not well developed, which prevented subsequent marketing collaboration and made it difficult to adjust the emission rate, and the new proposal was designed to address these issues.

If this proposal is adopted, the emissions rate of BOR will be fixed, and farmers can more clearly calculate the output of each pool.

If this proposal is opposed, a fixed reward for each pool will be set and reduce production regularly.

I agree with the Proposal.

What is meant by initial weight? Is it akin to a percentage value? Also, the total weight of Ethereum (91) and BSC (19) is 110, not 120 as initially indicated.

  1. The initial weight means that it will be set like this initially. Weight numbers may be changed later when new pools open.
  2. Yes! but maybe it is more like a allocation point.
  3. Oh, thanks :grin: there is a typo, it should be 110.

So for example, the allocation point for BSC ppt-oBTC is 6, this would mean BSC ppt-oBTC pool would get 6/110 * 100 BOR/day, which is about 5.45 BOR/day correct?