Proposal: Farm Adjustments + New Farms on oPortal

This proposal aims to adjust token emission rate of the Satellite City pool and launch some new farms on oPortal. Recently, with the official launch of oPortal multi-chain asset bridge, many new users have joined our community to transfer their USDT among various blockchains.

In order to provide more rewards for LPs, we are proposing to redirect rewards from the Satellite City pool to make room for new farms on oPortal. Each blockchain will have a separate farm.


BORING emission rate: 400,000 BORING/day

If this proposal is adopted, 9 new farms will be launched on oPortal at the end of October and users can start USDT mining without any IL by then. This means that oPortal LP can earn 0.5% cross-chain transaction fee + extra LP farm rewards.

If this proposal is opposed, total rewards in the Satellite City pool will remain unchanged. Other than the cross-chain fees collected, there will be no extra reward for LPs on oPortal.

I think this is a really nice proposal given the fact that new farms would be created with extra rewards.
I think I like that.

glad to see new pools about that