Sent BORs to BORING contract address by mistake


I lost my BOR by trying to stake it, but I sent it from Huobi to BOR contract address instead of my wallet. I spoke with one of the administrators and he said there is no function which is able to transfer the BOR back. However, he suggested that I propose recovering my BOR by minting new token directly.

Is this possible? The GUI of the app in is quite confusing, when you click on the BOR wallet which shows your balance, there’s an address there, but it is not address of the owner’s wallet but contract address instead. I propose also redesigning the GUI if possible.

is it not clear enough that is referring to the token contract for BOR? that is what the purpose is, right?
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oh, really sorry for that. But I can’t help you, because no one can control the contract account, and transfer back your BOR.
About the UI, I think the new version is clear.