REIMBURSE Uniswap BOR/ETH Pool Setup Fee

To create liquidity for the BOR token, the project needs strong liquidity, especially in the major DEXes. Without it, many retail will be unable to trade the BOR token.

I am willing to create a Uniswap v3 pool for BOR/ETH to help the project out. At least to get the process started.

There is no existing pool for this pair on Uniswap, this there is a pretty steep Pool Set Up fee involved:

I am requesting the DAO to reimburse me the 1.5 ETH network fee to create this pool in Uniswap v3.

Once created, all subsequent LP (everyone else) can use this same pool to add on to it. It does not benefit me. It benefit the project.

I am willing to use my own BOR and ETH to fund the first LP, but am not willing to pay for the pool creation fee that benefits all other future LP’ers.

Please approve ASAP.

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Hi mate, I think there is a BOR pair in Sushiswap rather than Uniswap?

Yes there is on SushiSwap.

I believe it is in the best intetest of the community to have BOR traded in as many market as possible.
UniSwap is the largest DEX at the moment. They probably have more users than Sushi.

The more market has BOR, the more traders and investors will be expose to BOR. And with it, more adoption, and more liquidity.

All projects are racing to be listed in as many market as possible.

Unlike CEX where the listing fee is high, adding to UniSwap is like 1.5 ETH. It will be a very well spent ETH.

Hi, JLee, it is definitely a good idea.
But BOR is going to be 1:10000 split, so I think it‘s good to create a BORING/ETH pool on uniswap v3 after token migration.

btw, do you have any suggestions on the setting of min price & max price of BOR’ v3 pool?