Proposal for Adjustments to Farm Rewards

Since its official launch, oPortal V2.0 mainnet has maintained great stability over the past two weeks. Thanks to the hard work of developers, BoringDAO is going to launch the USDC bridge as well as the corresponding liquidity mining program this week. Hopefully oPortal’s liquidity mining programs will generate more income for liquidity providers, and help develop active community members and a large user base for BoringDAO. In the meantime, the second 28-day session of the (3,3) pool will end this Sunday. It is time for us to discuss the rewards for the next Epoch.

The purpose of this proposal is to redirect BORING rewards given to existing farms and give them to new farms including the oPortal USDC pool and the Epoch 3 of the (3,3) pool.

According to past practices, the Epoch 3 of the (3,3) pool will automatically begin at 13:50 UTC on Jan. 16, 2022. If this proposal gets passed, new farm rewards will be applied with the start of Epoch 3.

I think it’s good to decrease the incentive for the pools.

Meanwhile, could we have something more flexible incentive to encourage the one who used more of the oPortal bridge? For example, who use the bridge more will get some airdrop, etc?

we were thinking that, if someone deposits liquidity on those chains where liquidity is not enough, then will get rewards; OR if someone transfers stablecoin from A to B chain, while liquidity on A << B, then they will get rewards, too
in this way, oPortal’s liquidity will be always sufficient.