Polygon Migration Plan for BoringDAO

Dear BoringDAO community members

Polygon (MATIC), as one of the most famous protocols and frameworks for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, has been played a huge role on Layer 2 development. Mang partners of BoringDAO has already migrated to Polygon (MATIC) such as Curve. Following by their steps, BoringDAO also would like to support the development of Polygon (MATIC) with our products such as oBTC and oLTC. Through Polygon (MATIC), users of BoringDAO will enjoy the services with lower GAS fee and shorter transaction time while maintaining maximum decentralisation.

Polygon POS bridge has already enabled the migration of oBTC, oLTC and BOR from Ethereum network to Polygon. On 5th May 12:00 (UTC), we will initiate the oBTC farm and the token emission rate is 1 BOR per day.

Partnership with Polygon (MATIC) is absolute strategically valuable to BoringDAO, participating in Polygon’s ecosystem is the first activity of BoringDAO in layer 2 cross-chain field and it will not be the last.