Grindery Nexus <> Boring DAO

I’m here from Nexus and we’re building reusable tools for DAOs - think Zapier for Web3. We would love to work with BoringDAO. We have a partnership with the people at Polygon, so I’m reaching out to DAOs on their network.

Why is this interesting? Devs building for BoringDAO have plenty on your plate to handle to build all the cross-chain solutions you’re working. You can save dev time by checking out the tools we’re making. Here are some of the early one’s we’ve built specifically for Devs.

  • The Nexus SDK makes it easy for developers to build integrations into their DApps

  • The Connector Description Schema (CDS) makes it easy for DApps developers to enable integrations for No-Code developers

  • The Nexus app makes it easy for end-users to create their own workflows

We’ve also got a grant program with our funding from Binance to help build these tools for DAOs. Would love to know if this interests you. We can set up a telegram group with you and our core team to facilitate the conversation.

Let’s connect on telegram to keep the conversation going: Telegram: Contact @chefmattrock