Farm Rewards Adjustments Proposal - March

As the fourth 28-day session of the (3,3) pool will end this Sunday, it’s time for us to discuss the $BORING rewards for the next Epoch and to reallocate some rewards from existing farms to new farms including the oPortal oETH and oMetis pools which will open soon.

In general, we are proposing to further reduce $BORING emissions so that there will be less amount of $BORING in circulation. $BORING holders should understand the potential effect of this on the future value of $BORING tokens, considering demand versus supply. Slightly reducing the farm rewards might lower farms’ APRs a little bit. In the long term, it will benefit $BORING holders more as the token prices may rise if we hold back supply to stimulate demand.

Here are the details:

According to past practices, the Epoch 5 of the (3,3) pool will automatically begin at 13:50 UTC on Mar.13, 2022. If this proposal gets passed, new farm rewards will be applied with the start of Epoch 5.

Continuing the discussion from Farm Rewards Adjustments Proposal - March: